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  • EmpowerGenius-Free-Gift-of-the-Month

    Free Gift of The Month Club – INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!

    Receive Any Item You Select from the “Free Gift” Section of EmpowerGenius Each Month… and Get Store Credit to Pay the Shipping for 1 “Free Gift” Every Month Too! One of the best benefits of our club is YOU CHOOSE the “FREE GIFT” you want to receive each month… Each ...
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  • DIY Solar Powered Car FREE

    DIY “Solar Powered Car” – FREE GIFT!

    In Sunlight this Car Will Propel Itself Forward! Easy to Assemble. Recommended for Ages 6-13+, but a Fun Project for All Ages. Get 2 or More and Have Exciting Races! Includes DIY Kit for 1 (one) Car Available in 3 Colors: Green, Red, and Blue Have fun racing your “Solar Powered ...
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  • DIY Solar Powered Boat - FREE

    DIY “Solar Powered Boat” – FREE GIFT!

    Solar Powered Boat – Propels Itself Forward Using “Sun Power” DIY Kit – Build This Boat Yourself or With Your Young One Recommended for Ages 6+, But Fun For All Ages Simple Project. Older Children Can Build This Themselves… Younger Kids with Assistance From Loved One Fun & Educational Project ...
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  • DIY “Solar Powered Grasshopper” – FREE GIFT!

    Build this Yourself, or with Your 6-13+ Year Old Learn the Basics of Solar Power Electrical Engineering When Under Sunlight, the Grasshopper “Shivers” and Moves Its Legs Fun DIY Project! Building this simple project will be loads of fun – for yourself or your youngster. Great bonding experience for you ...
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