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  • EmpowerGenius-Free-Gift-of-the-Month

    Free Gift of The Month Club – INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!

    Receive Any Item You Select from the “Free Gift” Section of EmpowerGenius Each Month… and Get Store Credit to Pay the Shipping for 1 “Free Gift” Every Month Too! One of the best benefits of our club is YOU CHOOSE the “FREE GIFT” you want to receive each month… Each ...
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  • potato-powered-clock-free

    Potato Clock Green Science Project Experiment Kit – FREE GIFT!

    Classic science experiment. Learn to “extract electricity” from a potato. Simple and fun science project for all ages. Can be put on display for show your “energy conservationist tendencies”.
    Rated 4.75 out of 5
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  • DIY Solar Powered Car FREE

    DIY “Solar Powered Car” – FREE GIFT!

    In Sunlight this Car Will Propel Itself Forward! Easy to Assemble. Recommended for Ages 6-13+, but a Fun Project for All Ages. Get 2 or More and Have Exciting Races! Includes DIY Kit for 1 (one) Car Available in 3 Colors: Green, Red, and Blue Have fun racing your “Solar Powered ...
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  • anti-gravity-magnetic-levitation-rotator

    “Anti-Gravity” Magnetic Levitation Rotation Device – FREE GIFT!

    “Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Rotation Device” This magnetic levitation magnetically floats in a state of near perpetual motion demonstrating many principles of physics. Numerous physical properties which guide our Universe can be demonstrated in this simple device. Amazing revolution can float in the air and turn without power. Very funny and ...
    Rated 4.83 out of 5
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  • Solar-System-FREE

    “DIY Solar System w/ Nine planets” Planetarium Model Kit – FREE GIFT!

    Build and paint your own planetarium model with this creative kit. Contains model pieces for the sun and 8 planets, movable arms and stand, paint strip, brush, detailed instructions, and fun facts. Ages 8+ Contains 3D Solar System planetarium model 1 brush 1 strip of paint pots and glow paint ...
    Rated 4.75 out of 5
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  • solar-spider-free

    “Solar Power Robot Spider” – FREE GIFT!

    Solar powered Spider Robot Insect Toy Gadget Gift The Spider, when exposed to sunlight, can start its mini-engine by shaking itself… no batteries are needed. It’s novel and unique, also it’s a good demonstration of solar power on a small and cute scale, a wonderful enlightenment for students’ solar energy ...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    “The Syncronicity Handbook” – FREE DOWNLOAD!

    The Synchronicity Handbook by Aaron Murakami – your FREE Copy with the simple keys to increase Synchronicity and Abundance in your life!
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  • diy-electric-wind-car-free

    DIY “Electric Wind Powered Racing Car” – FREE GIFT!

    1. Product name: Power Driven Racing Car 2. Material: Electronic Components + Hardware Fitting + Plastic Accessories 3. Specification: about 10 * 27 cm/ 3.94 * 10.63 inches 4. Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries ( Not included.) Packing List: 4 * Wheels 1 * Assembly Guide 2 * Small ...
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  • DIY-hand-built-4wd-car-FREE

    DIY “Hand-Made 4WD Car Kit” – FREE GIFT!

    Create a fun motorized 4wd car with your hands and brain. After the building is complete, mount 2 AA batteries, switch on, with the wheels turned up, then place on the ground and watch it take-off! This is a classic DIY kit where you learn while building. Clearly demonstrates a ...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • diy-wooden-wind-car-free

    DIY “Hand-Made Wooden Wind Car Kit” – FREE GIFT!

    Principle: Air flow is produced by the propeller, pushing the car forward Dimensions: length: 20.5 cm, height: 6-10 cm, width: 8-10 cm Main material: metal shaft, wheel ABS plastic, wood Battery: 2 AA batteries DIY: this product is a material package, requires assembling by yourself. Get 2 or more for ...
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  • Propeller Driven Car Free

    DIY “Propeller Driven Wind Powered Car” – FREE GIFT!

    Build this fun “Propeller Powered Car” model yourself or with your loved one, with an exciting and fun result! Wooden Construction Battery Powered Propeller Moves Car with “Wind Power” Fun for All Ages, But Designed To Be Built By Ages 6+ Easy To Build, Even For Beginners. (Requires 2 AA Batteries, ...
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  • Robot-Salt-Water-Powered-FREE

    DIY “Salt Water Powered Robot Kit” – FREE GIFT!

    Cool robot that is powered by simple salt-water. Great educational gift teaches primary principle that alternative energy is a reality. Great for kids, or adults interested in unusual forms of energy. Description: Color: Gray Power: salt water power generation Material: plastic + electronic components Uses: children’s hands-on toy Scope of ...
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  • DIY Solar Powered Boat - FREE

    DIY “Solar Powered Boat” – FREE GIFT!

    Solar Powered Boat – Propels Itself Forward Using “Sun Power” DIY Kit – Build This Boat Yourself or With Your Young One Recommended for Ages 6+, But Fun For All Ages Simple Project. Older Children Can Build This Themselves… Younger Kids with Assistance From Loved One Fun & Educational Project ...
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  • DIY “Solar Powered Grasshopper” – FREE GIFT!

    Build this Yourself, or with Your 6-13+ Year Old Learn the Basics of Solar Power Electrical Engineering When Under Sunlight, the Grasshopper “Shivers” and Moves Its Legs Fun DIY Project! Building this simple project will be loads of fun – for yourself or your youngster. Great bonding experience for you ...
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  • magic-jellyfish-free

    Jellyfish Float Science Toy Gift For Kids – FREE GIFT!

    Under water Science Magical Jellyfish. This fun Toy is a colorful magical Jellyfish. Jellyfish swims up and down in a plastic bottle just by squeezing it, according to the principles of fluid-mechanics. Material: Plastic Color: White, Red, Blue ,Orange (color Random) Size: 15.3cm*8.5cm*2.1cm Function: This Magical Jellyfish is a fun, educational, and hands-on ...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Newton's Balance Balls - FREE

    Newton’s Cradle Balance Ball Physics – FREE GIFT!

    “Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls” Fun demonstration of Isacc Newton’s law of “Conservation of Momentum”. Pull one or more balls up, then drop and the same number of balls you drop will fly up on the opposite end of the cradle. Package Includes: 1 x Newtons Cradle Steel Balance Balls Physics ...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Plant DIY Seed Petri Dish Kindergarten Early Education Science – FREE GIFT!

    Fun experiment for kids to have their first experience with botany. Have your little “budding” scientist Grow a “crop” of sprouts in this petri dish. Description: Color: green Material: ABS Product Size: 14 * 14 * 3CM Packing List: Seeds * 2 packs, Petri dish * 1, Magnifier * 1, Loofah network* ...
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